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    Since 2013, as a freelancer, i am focusing entirely on bringing 3D characters to life with deep care and love. What you see here is MU : my 3D Animator Demo of 2019, made right after having the opportunity to work on 2 AAA games ( unable to disclose more ).

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  • VFX


    (Unreal 4)

    Parallel to continiously reinforce my 3D Animation skills, i became more and more proficient and fond of VFX creation and simulations, lights and post-process effetcs, deep learning and machine learning, only on Unreal Engine 4.

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    I started in the video game industry back in 2003, and participate to release about 40 games for Mobile Devices and the Nintendo DS, until 2013, in 4 different studios, mostly as 2D/3D Animator.

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2003 (July)

Graduated of the Master of Arts and Medias from the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Bordeaux, France, and start co-founding a mobile game studio, HAKABU GAMES with Vincent Hauuy and Cyrille Karmann.

2003 (Dec)

YATA!! is my first game ever released, a 2D side scrolling platform action game made with two friends and passion.

2003 to 2013

Making Mobile and Nintendo DS Games as Pixel Artist, Concept Artist, Lead 2D Artist, mainly 2D/3D Animator in 4 french game studios.

2013 until now

Freelance 2D/3D Animator on various kind of games (combat/rpg card game, serious game, puzzle game) for PC, VR and Mobile Devices.


HUGE BANG BANG is my 1st released Unreal 4 game as 3D Animator/VFX Artist, a MOBA Game by Palomino Studio. I also worked as 3D Animator on 2 AAA Titles i am unable to disclose more about.


I made a 3D demo ("MU" available here and on YouTube) within i can put all of my love, and show all of my 3D animation skills. Thus i am now actively looking for a job in a studio, and a team.

Remy BUSCAIL 3D Animator

After 10 years working in game studios, 6 years as a freelancer, and recent great opportunities on AAA titles, i am now looking for going back home in a studio, and be part of a great team, this is my goal and dream !

The video running at the very top of the site, the "MU Demo 2019" is a short cinematic i have made with Maya and Unreal 4. I hope it could be a nice way to show what i can do, and help me find a team to unleash all of my potential.

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