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    Since 2013, as a freelancer, and since Sept. 2020 as permanent at Claymore Game Studios, i am focusing entirely on bringing 3D characters to life with deep care and love. What you see here is MU : my 3D Animator Demo of 2019, made right after having the opportunity to work on 2 AAA games (unable to disclose more).

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    (Unreal 4)

    Parallel to continiously reinforce my 3D Animation skills, i became more and more proficient and fond of VFX creation and simulations, lights and post-process effetcs, deep learning and machine learning, on Unreal Engine 4 and 5.

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    I started in the video game industry back in 2003, and participate to release about 40 games for Mobile Devices and the Nintendo DS, until 2013, in 4 different studios, mostly as 2D/3D Animator.

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2003 (July)

Graduated of the Master of Arts and Medias from the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Bordeaux, France, and start co-founding a mobile game studio, HAKABU GAMES with Vincent Hauuy and Cyrille Karmann.

2003 (Dec)

YATA!! is my first game ever released, a 2D side scrolling platform action game made with two friends and passion.

2003 to 2013

Making Mobile and Nintendo DS Games as Pixel Artist, Concept Artist, Lead 2D Artist, mainly 2D/3D Animator in 4 french game studios.

2013 -2020

Freelance 2D/3D Animator on various kind of games (combat/rpg card game, serious game, puzzle game) for PC, VR and Mobile Devices.


HUGE BANG BANG is my 1st released Unreal 4 game as 3D Animator/VFX Artist, a MOBA Game by Palomino Studio. I also worked as 3D Animator on 2 AAA Titles i am unable to disclose more about.


I made a 3D demo ("MU" available here and on YouTube) within i can put all of my love, and show all of my 3D animation skills. Thus i am now actively looking for a job in a studio, and a team.

2020- until now

I have the great pleasure and honor to be part of the Claymore Game Studios in Darmstadt Germany, since the 15th September 2020. And we are working really hard on the brand new Commandos entry in the serie.

Remy BUSCAIL 3D Animator

After 10 years working in game studios, 6 years as a freelancer, and great opportunities on AAA titles, i recently had the chance to be part of a great team since September 2020, as a 3D Animator/VFX Artist at Claymore Game Studios, on the brand new Commandos game !

The video running at the very top of the site, the "MU Demo 2019" is a short cinematic i have made with Maya and Unreal 4. I hope it could be a nice way to show what i can do, and help me find a team to unleash all of my potential.

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