MU, my new 3D Animation Demo !

I've just finished uploading my new 3D Animation Demo, a short cinematic made in Unreal 4 and designed as the cinematic introduction to a whole new game which exists just in my mind, and only for the purpose of this non-commercial demo.

I did everything except the background assets. It means characters 3D models, textures, in-engine shaders, rigging, animations, rendering, lighting, particles vfx (dust, leaves, dirt, etc), post-process effetcs (wind, fog, bloom, lensflare and light shafts), a few blueprints, a lot of level editing, video edition, sound effects, sound mixing, music, ui design and logo.

I hope you'll like Mu, a character i really loved to create and animate !

Direct link to MU Remy BUSCAIL 3D Animation Demo youtube video

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