The Duel UE4 Combat Gameplay Demo

It began as a simple test to learn motionbuilder and ends up being "the duel", a souls-like mod of the UE4 project «Close Combat: Swordsman» by ZzGERTzZ. The whole project took me around two months to complete. The first week learning motionbuilder basics + extra knowledge/tips fitting the project needs. Then 1 month for all of the animations for the two characters ( most of the animations for the player char are retargeted from ZzGERTzZ project by the way, i mainly concentrated my efforts on the enemy animations which are a mix of mixamo mocap with retargeted animations from ZzGERTzZ project and fully handcrafted animations ). And the 3 last weeks were for sounds, visuals effects, lights, environment (built from scratch only with Quixel 's Megascans Collection assets, optimised with 4K max textures, and everything running at 100/120 FPS) visual scripting and assets integration in blueprints. And finally, most importantly the gameplay tweaks within the animation/combat system.

By the way thank you very much for your visit !

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